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Master Guide Camp-out-MSA Station

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The members of the Master Guide Club from Mombasa station, Kenya Coast Field [KCF] of East Kenya Union Conference embarked on camping trip for spiritual and adventurous experience on the afternoon hours of Thursday 19th October 2023. They set up in groups from the heart of Mombasa city and its environs that make up the station heading to Chengoni primary school a remote site in Kilifi County, far away from the modern enmities!

It was a tour through a rough road with areas of deep terrains and at times they were forced to come out of their vans and walk on foot.

As the sun began to descend behind the hills, most of the members had already reached the designated campsite and it was time to put their camping skills to the test. Tents went up and small fires per each training centre could be seen at each campsite. And as the evening darkness took charge, a few stars shining far in the sky could be seen against the will of the heavy dark clouds that were moving like a flock of sheep from North to South.

It was now time for all members to gather together at the meeting point for worship and briefing on the upcoming program in the coming days.


Each day began with group prayers and reflections in the serene surroundings. Members learned survival skills, Church Heritage, camping skills, evangelism, how to teach pathfinders and adventurers, honors, nature among others; shared meals, and bonded through team-building activities. Each evening they gathered together for a special service, connecting with nature and their faith. It was a profound journey that strengthened their friendships and spirituality.


Talking with the leadership, we realized that, the camp was attended by 159 members; where 70 members were master guides in class and the remaining 89 were invested master guides.

They also revealed that, Mombasa station had 13 training centres for master guides for the year 2023 an increase from 6 centres back in the year 2022.

The station had 85 registered master guides in class for the year 2023, where out of this 70 had attended the camp which makes an 82% attendance.


At the time of the camp out, Mombasa station had conducted 2 assessments under the supervision of 22 certified instructors/assessors who are authorized to sign and/or stamp the students assessments forms.

Upcoming events

The leaders also revealed to us that, there were two important events that were remaining before the end of the year 2023. These events were:

  • Assessment: the third and the last assessment for both investiture and recertification candidates was scheduled for 12th November 2023

  • Investiture: the year’s graduation [investiture] was scheduled to take place on 25th November 2023.

The return home

As they traveled back to civilization on the Sunday of 22nd October 2023, they felt a mixture of nostalgia and fulfillment. Their remote camping adventure had been a transformative experience. It had reminded them of the beauty and fragility of the natural world, the value of self-reliance, and the need for moments of solitude and reflection in our busy lives.

Their journey into the heart of the wilderness had left an indelible mark on their soul. It was a reminder that in the midst of life's chaos, there's a sanctuary of peace and wonder waiting for those willing to venture into the wild.

For all of the Photos of the Camp out Click on this button

Article by: Justus Mulwa: Email:

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