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End it Now!... Stop Violence!!

Say NO to Violence: Kenya Coast Field, Women Ministries

Video: An insight of the day. For a full video of the day CLICK HERE

To view all photos of the day, click on the link below.

What was it?

Marching towards change – End It Now

October 29th, 2023

The day of the walk came; participants from different SDA churches assembled at Ziwani SDA Church transforming the place into a sea of Red. Participants both old and young wore red T-shirts, held white banners and waved white flags.

The Procession Begins...

As the march commenced, the crowd was led by Pastor Martha Yusufu the KCF women ministries director and a team of other leaders holding flags to show their solidarity against violence to women!

The walk was more than just a physical journey; it was a symbolic one. As the members moved through the streets, their voices grew stronger, echoing their determination to end the cycle of violence.

The walk moved through the streets of Mombasa CBD and concluded at Tononoka Ground where participants gathered to discuss concrete steps forward. Church leaders spoke about the importance of violence free life.

People pledged to take action in their own lives to end violence against women and children.

For the entire event watch this video

Watch the Full Video HERE

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