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Emerging Filmmakers Bootcamp


KSH. 20,000


10 Weeks

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About the Course

Welcome to the Emerging Filmmakers Bootcamp! This exhilarating course is your passport to the thrilling world of filmmaking. Are you a young aspiring filmmaker with a passion for storytelling, creativity, and bringing your visions to life on screen? If so, you're in for an incredible journey.

Over the course of this intensive bootcamp, we'll take you on a cinematic adventure like no other, where you'll explore every aspect of filmmaking—from crafting compelling scripts to capturing breathtaking shots and piecing them together in the editing room.

Our expert instructors are dedicated to nurturing your unique talents, guiding you through hands-on experiences, and helping you discover your voice as a filmmaker. Whether you dream of directing, producing, or working behind the scenes, the Emerging Filmmakers Bootcamp is your launchpad into the world of cinema.

Get ready to create, collaborate, and shine as an emerging filmmaker—your story begins here!

Career Options

Successful video production and film makers students have used this course as their first step to becoming:

  • Film & Video Editor

  • Camera Operator

  • Lighting Technician

  • Colorist

  • Independent Filmmaker

  • Production Freelancer

  • Assistant Director

  • Director of Photography

  • Screenwriter

Your Instructor

Justus Mulwa

Justus Mulwa

Meet your Emerging Filmmakers Bootcamp instructors, Justus and Boniface, seasoned filmmakers and dedicated educators who are passionate about nurturing the next generation of cinematic storytellers.

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